Teeth & Gum Disease - Doesn’t Have to Happen As You Age!

But I would go even further and say that the ability to absorb your food is top priority when you want to

have healthy teeth.

You see, just because you eat raw salads, drink veggie juices, and eat organically doesn’t guarantee that

you won’t have teeth and gum issues.

You MUST be able to absorb the nutrients which then goes to your bones, hair, nails, and teeth!

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Quick Summary:

1. Oil pulling is not enough – you have to absorb your fats

2. Minerals like magnesium are a must

3. Taking digestive enzymes after the age of 45 before each meal works on absorbing nutrients

more effectively

4. Detoxing the nasty toxins removes the blockages that can cause malabsorption

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4 detox drinks to flush toxins fast!

4 detox drinks to flush toxins fast!

Detox drinks are great but only if you know which one to use and when to use it!

They’re great because they bypass your digestive system so your body doesn’t have to work quite so

hard to break the food down. In fact, it just shoots right into your blood stream to give your body the

nutrients in needs fast and effectively.

I like fast. I like effective!

The trick is to know which drink you need when you want to detox.

Let’s go over each one in this video -

Shortcut answers:



1.Liver Flush Drink

use when you are doing your actual detox…and ALWAYS do this with your colon cleanse (i.e. coffee enema or colonic).

2.Green Smoothie

this includes using green powder (like spirulina) or adding green leafy veggies to almond milk. Best to use this for your Pre Cleanse and Post Cleanse times. It’s not really considered a detox drink, but more to help your body get ready to detox.

3.Lemon Water

you can have this before, during, or after your detox…it’s great for your liver!

4.Herbal Tea

you can use herbs like dandelion root or burdock root. Best is to drink 2-3 cups per day, for two weeks then take a break for a week. You don’t want to be detoxing continually. Sometimes you need a break and let your body rebuild it’s immune system naturally.

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Stop Your Burps and Bloating With These Easy Detox Drinks

Stop Your Burps and Bloating With These Easy Detox Drinks

Those big burps that make you sound like a bullfrog can be downright embarrassing! I remember

walking in front of the stage once and so focused on my presentation…when all of a sudden a big burp

escaped from my mouth.

Talk about embarrassing!

And let’s talk about the bloats…you know that horrible feeling when you look down at your belly and

you look 5 months pregnant!

If you’re thinking that having the burps and bloats is no big deal…think again my friend!

Your digestion has EVERYTHING to do with your health. When you’re having consistent bloating or

burping you are NOT digesting your foods properly.

If you don’t digest your foods, it means the nutrients are not going into your bloodstream. Which means

No energy

Poor sleep

Skin issues

….to disease!

Watch this short video to learn more…



Here the detox drinks I recommend:


Lemon water

Lemon water

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea

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How to stay on track with your detox – weekend strategies

Weekend fun usually means some kind of drink or treat or eating out with family/friends. But when we do, our body pays the price dearly!


I’m not saying not to have a treat or spend time eating out with friends and family, but when you are detoxing its super important to stay balanced.  And when you are on a detox, feeling that craving niggling at you, it’s way too easy to fall off the bandwagon. I’ll share some tips for you here.

3 Quick Cancer Detox Tips

I like things that are quick and get me fast results. Especially when I’m in pain.  While it took me about ten years to figure out what the shortcuts were, at least I figured it out!

Here in this video I go over the 3 quick tips that can help when detox cancer cells that are sucking the nutrients out of your body. Time to get on top of the situation!


Daily Detox Rituals That Can Heal You

What are the DAILY things you need to do to get healed?  

I figured out a 3 Step System to use when I was on my healing journey. Because when I just took supplements, I wasn’t really seeing big healing results. And I was spending thousands of dollars each month.

These three steps  for my daily detoxing were crucial to my healing, and I want you to learn what they are too.

Detox Food Must-Have’s for Cancer Healing

Foods can be used to detox your body, when the right ones are used. By eating these foods daily, your elimination organs get extra help plus your body gets extra nutrients. Remember, too many toxins keep your body from functioning at top notch levels. These ‘must-have’ foods can be easily prepared, but the cool part is getting those toxins out. Anything and everything you can do to remove toxins is a ‘must-do’ when you are on a cancer healing journey.

5 Ways Ozone Therapy Can Stop Disease In Its Tracks

Let you in on a little secret…

When I had my clinic, I had numerous therapies , from hyperbaric oxygen, sauna, lymphatic drainiage and more…plus I taught folks how to eat well and change their lifestyle for the better.

BUT the biggest game changer were these 2 things:

1. Detoxing (you probably guessed that one already!)


2. Ozone Therapy

That ' one – two' punch really did the trick for so many of the folks I worked with.

IF you don’t know much about ozone therapy, I’m going to give you the nitty gritty details in this FREE workshop:

“5 Ways Ozone Therapy Can Stop Disease In Its Tracks”


Listen, taking supplements alone is not enough!

Eating healthy foods is not enough.

Using therapies HAS to be in your healing game plan on some level.

I couldn’t have gotten rid of my lymes without ozone. In fact, that was my very first 'go-to' therapy when I realized I had it.

Today, I have zero symptoms!

I want you to learn what this powerful therapy is all about.

Click here to watch

How to Use Clay Baths To Detox Chemo & Radiation Poisoning

Living clay is 100% natural, and has been used for centuries by Native Americans to restore health for everything from wound healing to detoxing. Researchers have discovered that the unique curative properties of clay, also called montmorillonite,  is capable of removing the toxins ingested from food grown in chemically saturated fields to the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to daily. Most especially clay can be considered as a powerful detoxifier  after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

When clay is consumed its vital force is released and mingles with the vital energy of the body creating a stronger, more powerful energy. The natural magnetic action transmits a remarkable power and helps to rebuild and restore the body down to the cellular level. (1)

When the immune system has been compromised, such as after chemotherapy or radiation therapy,  clay stimulates the body's inner resources to awaken the stagnant energy. It supplies the body with the available magnetism to rebuild and strengthen itself.

The best-known characteristic of clay is that it "acts as needed". Clay is said to propel the immune system to find a new healthy balance. Clay strengthens the body to a point of higher resistance. In this way the body's natural immune system has an improved chance of restoring and rebuilding itself quickly and efficiently. Since our immune system is the number one defense against cancer, it’s vital to do everything possible to restore it quickly after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Calcium montmorillonite, the second type of montmorillonite, is also known as "living clay" because it consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms.

What Happens When You Eat Clay?

If you haven’t thought about eating clay, you are missing a key component in using the powerful qualities of this substance. Especially after chemo or radiation therapy, you can consider taking clay internally to absorb the many toxic side-effects of these treatments.

Is it safe? Yes, but always ask your natural health care provider how to take it, especially if on any medications. A few things clay can help with:

• Detoxification of digestive system (the absorptive action pulls contaminants from the body).

• Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream (occurs once the liver is restored to full function).

• Elimination of internal parasites, organic and non-organic toxicity.

• Immune system support

• Increases T-cell count

• Fights free radicals

• Mercury poison detoxifier

• Trace mineral supplement

• Alkalizing agent in the body

How To Take Clay

Internal Cleanse Detoxification: Drink one rounded teaspoon of clay powder daily mixed in 6-8 ounces of distilled water or juice, taken daily. Or take one teaspoon of Liquid Clay in 8 ounces of water. For best results take it on an empty stomach. It’s recommended to take the clay at night for maximum benefits.

It’s also recommended that when taking bentonite clay internally, to use it with Psyllium Husk, a natural plant based fiber. This is to make sure that the clay moves out of your system effectively and doesn’t cause any build up in your colon.

How To Use Clay For Burns

One of the many side effects of chemo and radiation therapy is the burns that can occur on the skin. This can be painful and irritating. Using clay not only alleviates the burn, but pulls out toxins through the skin safely and effectively.

Preparation of Clay Packs and Wraps: Mix 1 teaspoon powdered clay by slowly adding distilled water until a smooth consistency is formed. The clay should be stiff yet pliable. Any unused clay should be promptly covered and kept in a glass jar or sealable container to retain its moisture.

Smooth the clay over the burned area. It will dry and feel like a ‘pulling’ action is occurring. Let it sit on your skin for at least one hour, then gently rinse off with warm water.

Clay Bath Directions

Add up to 2 cups of powdered bentonite clay into the bathtub and then run very hot water over the clay. Use a wire whisk to stir the clay around and to help it dissolve. Once you've got about three inches of water in the tub and the clay is dissolved, start adding cooler water until the water reaches the desired temperature.

The bath should neither be too hot nor too cool, but should be a nice comfortable warm temperature. Bathing time depends upon your condition, but for best results, you can soak at least thirty minutes.

Another option is to take one cup of liquid bentonite clay and put it into the bath water.

After your clay bath, rinse off with warm water and apply coconut or olive oil to hydrate the skin.


1. The Clay Cure, Ran Knishinsky, 1998

by Judy Seeger, ND



 Judy Seeger became involved in the alternative medicine field 35 years ago when her own health challenges overcame her. Chronic fatigue to chronic colds kept her down most of her days until she began studying with world famous teachers who changed her life. She went on to become a naturopath, researcher, author and director of two holistic health clinics, where she saw thousands of people’s lives healed through her 3 Step Cleanse System.

Judy is now retired focusing on international speaking, and teaching her message of healing world-wide, most especially through her video tutorials and online tv show, DetoxandRecharge.tv where she now has over 1.8 million viewers.  Her passion is matched by her excellent health and to bring the message that detoxing and cleansing can raise everyone's level of well-being.








What Do You Do After Cancer Treatments?

So you were diagnosed with cancer. Your oncologist authoritatively declared that your ‘best options’ were chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. You decided to follow conventional medicine and  completed the treatments as recommended because you felt it was the right thing to do. Now that you’re finished with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, what’s next?

First thing first. Take a deep breath. Better yet, take some time off work to appreciate the tremendous journey you’ve been on. Although your journey isn’t over yet, this phase is, which means that right now is an important time to regroup. You’ve already discovered that having cancer is an emotional rollercoaster ride because of the constant doctor appointments, dealing with family members, and your own personal realization of what just happened to you.

One of the most important factors after your cancer diagnosis is to realize the emotional, mental, and spiritual connection to what may have caused an imbalance. Dr. Ryker Geerd Hamer, MD paused to reflect, he discovered the correlation between the traumatic experience of losing his son and his physical ailments. 

Dr. Hamer’s Story

The Hamers were a normal family with four children (two girls and two boys), until August, 1978, when a devastating event shook their lives. An Italian Prince of the House of Savoy accidentally shot their son Dirk while he was asleep on a boat anchored on the island of Cavallo. Dirk’s battle with death lasted for almost four months, while his father watched over him day and night. Dirk died in his father’s armson December 7, 1978.  

Shortly after Dirk’s death, Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was never seriously ill in his whole life, nor did he have a family history of cancer. He came to the conclusion that the cancer was directly related to the unexpected loss of his son. He later named this conflict the "Dirk Hamer Syndrome", (DHS), a serious, acute-dramatic and isolating biological conflict shock experience that catches one unexpectedly. Once Dr. Hamer realized the connection with his grief and his cancer, he healed himself and went on to help thousands of others.(1)

Fastest Way To Detox From Chemo

After taking time to rebalance yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, it’s time to go onto the next phase of your healing journey, which is to detox your body from the toxic side-effects of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Whether you’ve had one treatment or many, or whether it’s been one year or several years, the toxins stay in your body for a very long time.

The fastest way to eliminate the toxins after chemotherapy is to sweat. In a 2011 study, noted in the Archives of Environmental and Contamination Toxicology, (2) “Many toxic elements appeared to be preferentially excreted through sweat. Presumably stored in tissues, some toxic elements readily identified in the perspiration of some participants were not found in their blood serum. Induced sweating appears to be a potential method for eliminating toxic chemicals from the human body”

Those who exercise and sweat for 30 minutes daily are getting their residual toxins from chemo out faster than another detox method available.

If you don’t sweat readily, here are quick tips to get you sweating:

Dry Skin Brush. This simple, cost effective therapy was first used centuries ago when Greek wrestlers dry brushed their body with a loofah sponge before they wrestled. Why did they do this? Because they learned that by opening their skin pores and allowing their skin to breathe at maximum capacity, they had more energy.

The other major benefit of this therapy is that it stimulates the lymphatic system which is made up of small lymph nodes located throughout your body.  These are especially clustered around the armpits, chest, groin, and behind the knees. Unlike the circulatory system, which depends on the heart to pump blood throughout the body, the lymph system does not have its own pump. This means that your lymph fluids leak into your lymph system and get pushed along by your body’s muscle motion into your lymph nodes. Basically, the two means of moving lymph are exercise and skin brushing.

When there are too many toxins entering into the body at one time, such as with chemotherapy, the body quickly goes into protective mode. One quick action your body takes is to circulate the toxins away from your organs via the lymph vessels. However, if too many toxins flood the body, the lymph nodes will swell to protect the body from further damage.

Dry brushing your skin, stimulates the lymph system to move toxins along which eventually exit through your elimination channels.

How To Start Your Chemo Cleanse

Whenever you start cleansing and detoxing your body from harsh poisons such as chemo, it’s vital that all the organs are ‘open’ and have a clear channel to eliminate the toxins as they are released from your body. Your elimination organs include:

·         Colon

·         Kidneys

·         Lungs

·         Skin

Your liver and lymph system play a big part in filtering out toxins too. Your liver especially takes a hard hit when starting on your detox journey. It’s easy to just do a ‘Liver Flush’ which is basically drinking olive oil followed by lemon juice. But this is much too stressful to the body causing such symptoms like headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea.

 It’s much easier to simply cleanse your colon either by doing a Colon Hydrotherapy session with a professional therapist (you can find one here: http://i-act.org) or to do your own Coffee Enema at home.

Once your colon cleanse is started, you can then go to your next step which is to take herbs that stimulate your liver. These herbs will stimulate, tone, and rebuild your liver so that it can release the stored up toxins from the chemotherapy.  These are a few of the best bitter herbs which can be taken as a tea or taken in capsule form :

·         Dandelion Root

·         Oregon Grape Root

·         Turkey Rhubarb Root

·         Yellowdock Root

The Most Effective Way To Detox Chemo

To get the biggest bang for your buck, it is best to use a multi-faceted approach because one therapy is not better than another, which is why combining them provides the best results. When you combine a daily routine of sweating, taking detox baths, eating the right diet, cleansing your colon and liver and most of all, focusing on your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being your body will release the toxins slowly with the least amount of stress!

Do a little each day.  It’s wise to remember that this is YOUR healing journey!



1. http://www.germannewmedicine.ca/documents/hamerbio.html

2. http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00244-010-9611-5

Judy Seeger became involved in the alternative medicine field 35 years ago when her own health challenges overcame her. Chronic fatigue to chronic colds kept her down most of her days until she began studying with world famous teachers who changed her life. She went on to become a naturopath, researcher, author and director of two holistic health clinics, where she saw thousands of people’s lives healed through her 3 Step Cleanse System.

Judy is now retired focusing on international speaking, and teaching her message of healing world-wide, most especially through her video tutorials and online tv show, DetoxandRecharge.tv where she now has over 1.8 million viewers.  Her passion is matched by her excellent health and to bring the message that detoxing and cleansing can raise everyone's level of well-being.





Why Avoiding Meat for 3 Days Can …

Anyone who's seen the documentary/horror show Supersize Me has considered going vegetarian. Heck, almost everyone with healthy urges has seriously contemplated the meatless life at one time or another. If you've hesitated out of concern for your burger-loving, deprivation-hating body, don't worry, says Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University. "Nothing dramatic is going to happen biochemically."

You may lose a few pounds.

Neal Barnard, MD, adjunct associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC, and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine—a group he founded to promote a plant-based diet for disease prevention—recently reviewed all clinical trials of vegetarian diets in terms of weight loss. His findings, published this month in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, reveal that going green tends to lead to a lighter you—even if shedding pounds isn't the original goal for going vegetarian. The average weight loss tracked by Barnard: 7.5 pounds. And the longer study, the greater the loss.

You may gain some healthy bacteria in your gut—and some bloat, at least at first.

"Your body has digestive enzymes that handle the proteins in both meat and plants, and that doesn't change when you stop eating meat," explains Liz Applegate, PhD, director of sports nutrition at the University of California, Davis. However, she says, all the indigestible carbohydrates in plant protein sources and other plant-based foods can alter the bacterial profile in your intestines. And researchers believe the new carbs can help boost the population of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Because it can take some time for your intestinal tract to adapt to its new residents, you can initially feel gassy and bloated. But with patience, you'll adapt. Plus, Applegate points out: "Plant-based diets have been shown to lower the risk for various chronic diseases along with waist size," she says.

You may protect yourself from heart disease.

Several large studies involving more than 76,000 men and women have compared vegetarians and non-vegetarians with similar lifestyles. The results demonstrate that death from ischemic heart disease (caused by severe narrowing or closing of the coronary arteries) was 24% lower in vegetarians than in carnivores—perhaps due in part to lower levels of inflammation.  "Plant-based diets have been proven time and again to be anti-inflammatory," asserts Emily Bailey, RD, director of nutrition coaching, sports nutrition, eating disorders, and weight management at NutriFormance in St. Louis.

You may lose your taste. And not just for red meat.

Zinc is a biochemical heavy lifter, performing loads of functions within the body, including giving the immune system a boost. But the mineral, plentiful in oysters and red meat, is also crucial for taste and hearing. One study, out of the Institute of Health Bioscience at the University of Tokushima in Japan found that zinc deficiency is a predominant factor behind taste impairment. "We hypothesize that patients with taste impairment may have malabsorption of dietary zinc," conclude the study authors—which is why new vegetarians need to make a special effort to get enough, says Joan Salge Blake, RD, clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University. While beans, nuts, whole grains, and dairy products all provide some zinc, the phytic acid in whole grains, seeds, beans, and legumes can interfere with zinc absorption. As a result, vegetarians might need as much as 50% more zinc than carnivores. The recommended daily target for women is 8 milligrams, which means you might want to shoot for at least 12 mg.

Your muscles may need more time to recover.

Protein is essential for building muscle, maintaining it, and repairing it post-workout. That part's non-negotiable, but the source of your protein is. Animal or plant protein works—the latter just takes a little longer to get the job done. "Knowing that, I recommend vegetarian athletes and vegan athletes in particular get their post-workout protein in liquid form, since liquids are absorbed more quickly into the body than solids," says Bailey. "Make a smoothie with coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk, rice milk, or soy milk, and add carbohydrates in the form of fresh fruit to replenish your glycogen stores, which your body uses for energy, post-workout."

Bailey’s favorite a.m. smoothie: ¾ cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt, 1 banana, ½ cup frozen strawberries, ½ cup frozen blueberries, 1 cup spinach, 1 tablespoon Trader Joe’s peanut butter that has flax and chia seeds mixed in it, 1 tablespoon hemp seeds, and ¾ to 1 cup 1% milk. "The spinach gives the smoothie kind of a funky color," she warns, "but all you'll taste is fruit—promise!"

You may need to supplement. But not a lot.

Studies suggest that vegetarians tend to get the same amount of iron as carnivores. They also do okay on calcium and even vitamin B12, which is essential for proper nerve function. But if you're worried about any of these nutrients—including zinc, mentioned above—you may want to supplement.


Complementary medicine vs Alternative medicine – is there a difference?

Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, is a category of medicine that includes a variety of treatment approaches that fall outside the realm of conventional medicine. An increasing amount of research is being done to establish the safety and efficacy of alternative medicine. But compared with traditional "Western" therapies such as drugs, research on alternative medicine is still limited.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: What’s the Difference?

It is important to understand the difference between complementary medicine and alternative medicine — the two approaches are often lumped together but are, in fact, distinct.

Complementary medicine refers to healing practices and products that work in conjunction with traditional medicine. For example, a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy may also undergo acupuncture to help manage chemo side effects like nausea and vomiting. Alternative medicine differs in that it is not used as a complement to, but rather as a substitute for traditional therapy. An example would be a cancer patient who forgoes recommended chemotherapy and instead chooses to treat the disease with specific dietary changes.

There is a third category that also often gets lumped in with conventional and alternative medicine — integrative medicine. Integrative medicine draws from both complementary medicine and alternative medicine and combines these with traditional Western therapies, says Donald Abrams, MD, director of clinical programs for the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Who’s Using It?

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) recently surveyed Americans on their use of complementary and alternative medicine. The survey, which gathered information from more than 20,000 adults and nearly 10,000 children, found that about 40 percent of adults and 12 percent of children use some form of complementary and alternative medicine.

Women, people ages 40 to 60, and adults with higher levels of education and income tended to use complementary and alternative therapies more frequently. There have been considerable increases in the number of people using common forms of complementary and alternative medicine, such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: What Are the Categories?

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) recognizes five main categories of complementary and alternative medicine:

  • Mind-body medicine. Mind-body medicine includes treatments that focus on how our mental and emotional status interacts and affects the body's ability to function. Examples include meditation and various therapies expressed through art and music.
  • Whole medical systems. This category refers to complete systems of medical theory and practice, many of which go back thousands of years and have roots in non-Western cultures. Examples include traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, a therapy that originated in India. Whole medical systems from the West include homeopathy and naturopathy.
  • Manipulative and body-based practices. Relying on the physical manipulation of the body, this practice is intended to improve specific symptoms and overall health. Examples of these practices include chiropractic and osteopathy.
  • Energy medicine. This form of alternative medicine uses energy fields to promote healing. Biofield therapies affect energy fields that are said to encircle the human body — forms include Reiki and qi gong. Bioelectromagnetic-based therapies, such as magnet therapy, involve the manipulation of electromagnetic fields.
  • Biologically based practices. Since the focus is on herbs, nutrition, and vitamins, dietary supplements and herbal medicine are perhaps the most common forms of biologically based complementary and alternative medicine. A growing interest in these kinds of therapies is leading to more research, but many of these biologically based practices have yet to be thoroughly tested.

If you are considering using complementary or alternative therapy, make sure you consult with your regular doctor and do some research before your first session.

Wired and Tired? Here’s the Top 5 Reasons

Going to sleep at night can be a challenge sometimes, right?

It’s like all these things were done, and I’m feeling pretty good about getting my goals met, but then when it’s time for sleep I’m tossing and turning!

I get brutually honest with myself and realize that I’ve done SOMETHING during the day that’s keeping me from sleeping!  If you’re ready to get into the real reason why you’re tired all the time and drinking tons of coffee to keep awake during the day, check this out:

  • You’re a sugar addict
  • You’re not sweating
  • You’re not sleeping because you worry to stinkin’ much
  • You’re not eating enough protein
  • You’re not getting enough quality sex – hugging, kissing, touching

it’s not just about the “Big O” anymore!

I know and you know that sugar is a big ‘no-no’, but eating too many carbs like chips, bread, crackers, etc can cause a sugar overload too! It’s super important to keep your carb intake down the older you get! I was raised in a traditional Hungarian home, and bread and/or sweets was included at every meal.

Hard habit to break, but I’ve learned that drinking Veggie Juices like carrot and celery cuts the craving. Like in half! Then eventually, I don’t even crave sweets anymore. Awesome system!

I work out almost daily, but when I’m traveling, exercise goes out the door.

Then I don’t sweat.

Then I feel like a slug.

And slugs don’t sweat!

So when at home, I make sure that if I hit the gym I work up a sweat for at least 30 minutes. But there are days I just do my detox baths, like Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, Baking Soda ( I always keep a supply on hand) and soak for a good 30 minutes as the sweat pores down. Then its off to bed for a luscious sleep!

Working out, dancing, soaking in the tub are also great stress relievers. I love going to the beach too, but can’t get there every day. I’ve found beach days ALWAYS makes me feel more calm. Spending time in nature does that to a person.

I’ve also found that because I’m a vegetarian, I have to watch my protein intake. Getting enough quality protein is a daily ‘MUST-Do’. Almost every day I drink a Green Smoothie which is a base of almond, cashew, or hemp milk and a scoop of Green Powder that has at least 1500mg Spirulina in it. Spirulina is the most easily digestible plant based protein and has 67% usable protein, compared to a big fat juicy steak that only has 27% usable protein.

If you know anything about being human, you know we all need to be touched, kissed, loved on! Sadly, the media makes it like we all are sex addicts, or need to look sexy so we can get more sex. Sheesh! Nothing could be further from the truth!

True, having a healthy sex life is important overall. It shows we are tipping the healthy scale to the good side, but it certainly isn’t everything.

BUT hugs and kisses ARE everything!

We need to feel the love from our friends and family. This keeps us calm. Centered.  Balanced. This is especially important for our pH levels. The more balanced our pH, the healthier our body.

Now go out and get your hugs today people!

Big virtual hug to YOU!


Belly Fat and Colon Connections – Its All About the Crap

I have NEVER had a flat belly, not even as a teen. And this obsession with flat bellies, and women with 6 pack abs – ugh! Not me. I’m more of a Renaissance woman…you know, where they had those gorgeous paintings of women who looked slightly ‘chubby’ but very voluptuous?

In my opinion, curves on a woman are great! Gives that feminine touch!

Then again, the amount of belly fat can be an issue. There have been times in my life when the scale was tipping past 145# and it was NOT because I was pregnant! I was over worked, stressed, single mom, eating Wisconsin food (sorry mid-western friends, but back in the 90’s the food was awful! Cheese, brats, burgers – yuck!)

What I learned is that belly fat is often connected with the amount of crap in the colon.  Ok, so lets get official – when the transverse portion ofthe colon is plugged up from fecal matter that is not moving along the way it should, it can push out and make you look like you’re 6 months pregnant!

Not too sexy!

Plus those pants just don’t fit right. Ends up going under the belly and now you have the ‘dun lap look’ – when your belly done laps over your belt!

Not too sexy either!

I’ve exercised until the cows came home. I’ve changed diets until I was sick of looking at veggies. Until I realized I have to do the combo – keep my colon moving right along. I take herbs like psyllium, and cascara sagrada combo, but also do seasonal colon cleanses using a colema board.

Coffee enema’s are good, but I just prefer ‘the board’.  I get better results laying on this board and letting the water gently flush me out. I can’t begin to tell you good it feels to get all the junk out! Kind of like cleaning up the kitchen after a big party!

Here’s to getting your sexy belly back!

Next time,


Understand Why You Feel Like Crap and How NOT To Feel Like Crap

I hate feeling like crap! I had years and years of feeling crappy and I work on NOT feeling like crap every day. The cool, thing, is that I’ve found it easier now to stay on track, just by a few things I do every day.

What makes me feel like crap?

Not getting enough sleep.

Eating too much dark chocolate.

Not getting out to play with friends.

Missing out on bowel movements.

Anyone relate?

But here’s what I’ve learned. Staying on a daily routine is a HUGE help. Planning my day so that I eat meals at certain times helps my body be happy.

Do I eat EXACTLY the same time everyday? No! I’m not fanatical. But I do have my Green Smoothie every morning at about 6-7:00am.

I’ve also found that when I get a sweet tooth (LOVE dark chocolate), I know that my body is off balance. Craving sugar is definitely a sign that not enough veggies are being eaten or absorbed!  So upping the veggie intake or just simply going down to the local juice bar to get my cup of C-C (1/2 carrot and ½ celery juice), instantly gets into my blood stream and takes away my sugar cravings.

I also take out my calendar and make calls to my buddies for weekend fun. I’ve learned the hard way that too much work and not enough fun just is a miserable existence! I certainly don’t always feel like going out, but if its on my calendar and I have friends counting me to show up, I know I’ll go. Once I do, I have ALWAYS felt better!

Good company, good fun, equals happy blood cells. It’s been shown by the work of Dr. Ryker Hamer that the emotional – mental connection plays a HUGE role in our health.

The one thing I stay in tune with DAILY is my bowel movements! Everyone has a weak area in their body, and mine is constipation. Sluggish colon issues for years. Poor diet and stressful marriage didn’t help any!

Daily, I make sure to take a big glass of psyllium followed by cascara sagrada combo like this one

then I wait about an hour before bed, otherwise I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. That gets annoying.

By following a daily routine, I find the crappy days are less and the happy days are more!

Here’s to more happy days to you my friends!




The BEST Herb for Detoxing Your Liver – Especially When You’re Drinking!

The answer is = Dandelion Root!


Yep, those stinky weeds that pop up all over your lawn can actually be super good for your liver.


Why keep your liver happy? Because it has over 500 functions that keep you running at top notch level! The better you take care of your liver, the better you’ll feel like:

Ø  Digesting fats (keeps those belly bloats away)

Ø  Fights off invaders – all those toxins from the air you breathe to the water you drink are filtered by your liver!

My fav liver herb is dandelion root which has Oregon Grape Root, and Milk Thistle too.



Taking this everyday keeps your liver happy, which will make you feel happy!

Next Time



Milk – Cheese – Eggs …Which One Is Worse?

I grew up on drinking store bought milk. My mom and dad figured a daily glassof milk with a heaping teaspoon of Bosco was good for my growing bones! (for those of you out of the loop, Bosco was chocolate syrup!).

Friday nights eating pizzaand Sunday morning bacon and eggs with toast was the normin my house. Don’t tell me I’m not talking to some of you out there! Our parents thought that eating plenty of milk, cheese, eggs with a portion of veggies and fruit was being a good parent.

Fast forward to the 21st century and we’re learning a few things about these foods.

Milk – I’m talking coconut, almond, hemp, rice, cashew

Cheese – I’m talking about raw aged cheese, with all the enzymes still working

Eggs –  (technically not dairy, but since everyone thinks it is, I’m throwing this into the mix). I’m talking about eggs from happy chickens feeding off bugs and such.

I would say that I’m 80% vegetarian, but think that eating animal products once inawhile is a good thing as long as they are organic, and coming from happy animals. I’ve personally tried many food programs, and have worked with thousands of folks in my clinic on their health programs.

What I’ve learned is that in different seasons of our lives, we need different types of food.

Did you ever notice when you’re sick you don’t feel like eatin

Or when you’re tired, you just want something light to eat?

That in the summer months, you crave more fruits like watermelons and fresh fruit?

I say, listen to your body!  If you’re in a healing mode, eat light. If you’re in a build up mode, eating more substantial foods are great!

Oh, and the answer about which is the best..when you’re ready to give your body a break, because you’re trying to go to your next healing level, I’ve found eggs are great! The worse is cow’s milk – pasturized, unhappy cows, full of hard to digest fats, need I go on?


Want to learn about which foods can help your body take that break?

I have more about that here. http://judyseegerdetox.com/ebook