Belly Fat and Colon Connections – Its All About the Crap

I have NEVER had a flat belly, not even as a teen. And this obsession with flat bellies, and women with 6 pack abs – ugh! Not me. I’m more of a Renaissance woman…you know, where they had those gorgeous paintings of women who looked slightly ‘chubby’ but very voluptuous?

In my opinion, curves on a woman are great! Gives that feminine touch!

Then again, the amount of belly fat can be an issue. There have been times in my life when the scale was tipping past 145# and it was NOT because I was pregnant! I was over worked, stressed, single mom, eating Wisconsin food (sorry mid-western friends, but back in the 90’s the food was awful! Cheese, brats, burgers – yuck!)

What I learned is that belly fat is often connected with the amount of crap in the colon.  Ok, so lets get official – when the transverse portion ofthe colon is plugged up from fecal matter that is not moving along the way it should, it can push out and make you look like you’re 6 months pregnant!

Not too sexy!

Plus those pants just don’t fit right. Ends up going under the belly and now you have the ‘dun lap look’ – when your belly done laps over your belt!

Not too sexy either!

I’ve exercised until the cows came home. I’ve changed diets until I was sick of looking at veggies. Until I realized I have to do the combo – keep my colon moving right along. I take herbs like psyllium, and cascara sagrada combo, but also do seasonal colon cleanses using a colema board.

Coffee enema’s are good, but I just prefer ‘the board’.  I get better results laying on this board and letting the water gently flush me out. I can’t begin to tell you good it feels to get all the junk out! Kind of like cleaning up the kitchen after a big party!

Here’s to getting your sexy belly back!

Next time,