Understand Why You Feel Like Crap and How NOT To Feel Like Crap

I hate feeling like crap! I had years and years of feeling crappy and I work on NOT feeling like crap every day. The cool, thing, is that I’ve found it easier now to stay on track, just by a few things I do every day.

What makes me feel like crap?

Not getting enough sleep.

Eating too much dark chocolate.

Not getting out to play with friends.

Missing out on bowel movements.

Anyone relate?

But here’s what I’ve learned. Staying on a daily routine is a HUGE help. Planning my day so that I eat meals at certain times helps my body be happy.

Do I eat EXACTLY the same time everyday? No! I’m not fanatical. But I do have my Green Smoothie every morning at about 6-7:00am.

I’ve also found that when I get a sweet tooth (LOVE dark chocolate), I know that my body is off balance. Craving sugar is definitely a sign that not enough veggies are being eaten or absorbed!  So upping the veggie intake or just simply going down to the local juice bar to get my cup of C-C (1/2 carrot and ½ celery juice), instantly gets into my blood stream and takes away my sugar cravings.

I also take out my calendar and make calls to my buddies for weekend fun. I’ve learned the hard way that too much work and not enough fun just is a miserable existence! I certainly don’t always feel like going out, but if its on my calendar and I have friends counting me to show up, I know I’ll go. Once I do, I have ALWAYS felt better!

Good company, good fun, equals happy blood cells. It’s been shown by the work of Dr. Ryker Hamer that the emotional – mental connection plays a HUGE role in our health.

The one thing I stay in tune with DAILY is my bowel movements! Everyone has a weak area in their body, and mine is constipation. Sluggish colon issues for years. Poor diet and stressful marriage didn’t help any!

Daily, I make sure to take a big glass of psyllium followed by cascara sagrada combo like this one

then I wait about an hour before bed, otherwise I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. That gets annoying.

By following a daily routine, I find the crappy days are less and the happy days are more!

Here’s to more happy days to you my friends!