Wired and Tired? Here’s the Top 5 Reasons

Going to sleep at night can be a challenge sometimes, right?

It’s like all these things were done, and I’m feeling pretty good about getting my goals met, but then when it’s time for sleep I’m tossing and turning!

I get brutually honest with myself and realize that I’ve done SOMETHING during the day that’s keeping me from sleeping!  If you’re ready to get into the real reason why you’re tired all the time and drinking tons of coffee to keep awake during the day, check this out:

  • You’re a sugar addict
  • You’re not sweating
  • You’re not sleeping because you worry to stinkin’ much
  • You’re not eating enough protein
  • You’re not getting enough quality sex – hugging, kissing, touching

it’s not just about the “Big O” anymore!

I know and you know that sugar is a big ‘no-no’, but eating too many carbs like chips, bread, crackers, etc can cause a sugar overload too! It’s super important to keep your carb intake down the older you get! I was raised in a traditional Hungarian home, and bread and/or sweets was included at every meal.

Hard habit to break, but I’ve learned that drinking Veggie Juices like carrot and celery cuts the craving. Like in half! Then eventually, I don’t even crave sweets anymore. Awesome system!

I work out almost daily, but when I’m traveling, exercise goes out the door.

Then I don’t sweat.

Then I feel like a slug.

And slugs don’t sweat!

So when at home, I make sure that if I hit the gym I work up a sweat for at least 30 minutes. But there are days I just do my detox baths, like Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, Baking Soda ( I always keep a supply on hand) and soak for a good 30 minutes as the sweat pores down. Then its off to bed for a luscious sleep!

Working out, dancing, soaking in the tub are also great stress relievers. I love going to the beach too, but can’t get there every day. I’ve found beach days ALWAYS makes me feel more calm. Spending time in nature does that to a person.

I’ve also found that because I’m a vegetarian, I have to watch my protein intake. Getting enough quality protein is a daily ‘MUST-Do’. Almost every day I drink a Green Smoothie which is a base of almond, cashew, or hemp milk and a scoop of Green Powder that has at least 1500mg Spirulina in it. Spirulina is the most easily digestible plant based protein and has 67% usable protein, compared to a big fat juicy steak that only has 27% usable protein.

If you know anything about being human, you know we all need to be touched, kissed, loved on! Sadly, the media makes it like we all are sex addicts, or need to look sexy so we can get more sex. Sheesh! Nothing could be further from the truth!

True, having a healthy sex life is important overall. It shows we are tipping the healthy scale to the good side, but it certainly isn’t everything.

BUT hugs and kisses ARE everything!

We need to feel the love from our friends and family. This keeps us calm. Centered.  Balanced. This is especially important for our pH levels. The more balanced our pH, the healthier our body.

Now go out and get your hugs today people!

Big virtual hug to YOU!