Milk – Cheese – Eggs …Which One Is Worse?

I grew up on drinking store bought milk. My mom and dad figured a daily glassof milk with a heaping teaspoon of Bosco was good for my growing bones! (for those of you out of the loop, Bosco was chocolate syrup!).

Friday nights eating pizzaand Sunday morning bacon and eggs with toast was the normin my house. Don’t tell me I’m not talking to some of you out there! Our parents thought that eating plenty of milk, cheese, eggs with a portion of veggies and fruit was being a good parent.

Fast forward to the 21st century and we’re learning a few things about these foods.

Milk – I’m talking coconut, almond, hemp, rice, cashew

Cheese – I’m talking about raw aged cheese, with all the enzymes still working

Eggs –  (technically not dairy, but since everyone thinks it is, I’m throwing this into the mix). I’m talking about eggs from happy chickens feeding off bugs and such.

I would say that I’m 80% vegetarian, but think that eating animal products once inawhile is a good thing as long as they are organic, and coming from happy animals. I’ve personally tried many food programs, and have worked with thousands of folks in my clinic on their health programs.

What I’ve learned is that in different seasons of our lives, we need different types of food.

Did you ever notice when you’re sick you don’t feel like eatin

Or when you’re tired, you just want something light to eat?

That in the summer months, you crave more fruits like watermelons and fresh fruit?

I say, listen to your body!  If you’re in a healing mode, eat light. If you’re in a build up mode, eating more substantial foods are great!

Oh, and the answer about which is the best..when you’re ready to give your body a break, because you’re trying to go to your next healing level, I’ve found eggs are great! The worse is cow’s milk – pasturized, unhappy cows, full of hard to digest fats, need I go on?


Want to learn about which foods can help your body take that break?

I have more about that here.