4 detox drinks to flush toxins fast!

4 detox drinks to flush toxins fast!

Detox drinks are great but only if you know which one to use and when to use it!

They’re great because they bypass your digestive system so your body doesn’t have to work quite so

hard to break the food down. In fact, it just shoots right into your blood stream to give your body the

nutrients in needs fast and effectively.

I like fast. I like effective!

The trick is to know which drink you need when you want to detox.

Let’s go over each one in this video -

Shortcut answers:



1.Liver Flush Drink

use when you are doing your actual detox…and ALWAYS do this with your colon cleanse (i.e. coffee enema or colonic).

2.Green Smoothie

this includes using green powder (like spirulina) or adding green leafy veggies to almond milk. Best to use this for your Pre Cleanse and Post Cleanse times. It’s not really considered a detox drink, but more to help your body get ready to detox.

3.Lemon Water

you can have this before, during, or after your detox…it’s great for your liver!

4.Herbal Tea

you can use herbs like dandelion root or burdock root. Best is to drink 2-3 cups per day, for two weeks then take a break for a week. You don’t want to be detoxing continually. Sometimes you need a break and let your body rebuild it’s immune system naturally.

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