Teeth & Gum Disease - Doesn’t Have to Happen As You Age!

Here’s the deal…we all think that losing teeth, crowns, bridges, receding gums, cavities…it’s all just a normal part of aging. Right? Wrong!

Weston Price, a dentist back in the day found many indigenous cultures where their teeth were strong and healthy even as they aged.

4 detox drinks to flush toxins fast!

Detox drinks are great but only if you know which one to use and when to use it!

They’re great because they bypass your digestive system so your body doesn’t have to work quite sohard to break the food down. In fact, it just shoots right into your blood stream to give your body thenutrients in needs fast and effectively.

Stop Your Burps and Bloating With These Easy Detox Drinks

Those big burps that make you sound like a bullfrog can be downright embarrassing! I remember walking in front of the stage once and so focused on my presentation…when all of a sudden a big burp escaped from my mouth.

Talk about embarrassing!

And let’s talk about the bloats…you know that horrible feeling when you look down at your belly and you look 5 months pregnant!

How to stay on track with your detox – weekend strategies

Weekend fun usually means some kind of drink or treat or eating out with family/friends. But when we do, our body pays the price dearly!


I’m not saying not to have a treat or spend time eating out with friends and family, but when you are detoxing its super important to stay balanced.  And when you are on a detox, feeling that craving niggling at you, it’s way too easy to fall off the bandwagon. I’ll share some tips for you here.

Quick Cancer Detox Tips

I like things that are quick and get me fast results. Especially when I’m in pain.  While it took me about ten years to figure out what the shortcuts were, at least I figured it out!

Here in this video I go over the 3 quick tips that can help when detox cancer cells that are sucking the nutrients out of your body. Time to get on top of the situation!

Daily Detox Rituals That Can Heal You

What are the DAILY things you need to do to get healed?  

I figured out a 3 Step System to use when I was on my healing journey. Because when I just took supplements, I wasn’t really seeing big healing results. And I was spending thousands of dollars each month.

These three steps  for my daily detoxing were crucial to my healing, and I want you to learn what they are too.

Detox Food Must-Have’s for Cancer Healing

Foods can be used to detox your body, when the right ones are used. By eating these foods daily, your elimination organs get extra help plus your body gets extra nutrients. Remember, too many toxins keep your body from functioning at top notch levels.

5 Ways Ozone Therapy Can Stop Disease In Its Tracks

Let you in on a little secret…

When I had my clinic, I had numerous therapies , from hyperbaric oxygen, sauna, lymphatic drainiage and more…plus I taught folks how to eat well and change their lifestyle for the better.

BUT the biggest game changer were these 2 things:

How to Use Clay Baths To Detox Chemo & Radiation Poisoning

Living clay is 100% natural, and has been used for centuries by Native Americans to restore health for everything from wound healing to detoxing. Researchers have discovered that the unique curative properties of clay, also called montmorillonite,  is capable of removing the toxins ingested from food grown in chemically saturated fields to the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to daily. Most especially clay can be considered as a powerful detoxifierafter chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

What Do You Do After Cancer Treatments?

So you were diagnosed with cancer. Your oncologist authoritatively declared that your ‘best options’ were chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. You decided to follow conventional medicine and  completed the treatments as recommended because you felt it was the right thing to do. Now that you’re finished with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, what’s next?

Milk – Cheese – Eggs …Which One Is Worse?

I grew up on drinking store bought milk. My mom and dad figured a daily glassof milk with a heaping teaspoon of Bosco was good for my growing bones! (for those of you out of the loop, Bosco was chocolate syrup!).

The BEST Herb for Detoxing Your Liver – Especially When You’re Drinking!

The answer is = Dandelion Root!

Yep, those stinky weeds that pop up all over your lawn can actually be super good for your liver.

Understand Why You Feel Like Crap and How NOT To Feel Like Crap

I hate feeling like crap! I had years and years of feeling crappy and I work on NOT feeling like crap every day. The cool, thing, is that I’ve found it easier now to stay on track, just by a few things I do every day.

Belly Fat and Colon Connections – Its All About the Crap

I have NEVER had a flat belly, not even as a teen. And this obsession with flat bellies, and women with 6 pack abs – ugh! Not me. I’m more of a Renaissance woman…you know, where they had those gorgeous paintings of women who looked slightly ‘chubby’ but very voluptuous?

Wired and Tired? Here’s the Top 5 Reasons

Going to sleep at night can be a challenge sometimes, right?

It’s like all these things were done, and I’m feeling pretty good about getting my goals met, but then when it’s time for sleep I’m tossing and turning

!I get brutually honest with myself and realize that I’ve done SOMETHING during the day that’s keeping me from sleeping! 

Complementary medicine vs Alternative medicine -is there a difference?

Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, is a category of medicine that includes a variety of treatment approaches that fall outside the realm of conventional medicine. An increasing amount of research is being done to establish the safety and efficacy of alternative medicine. But compared with traditional "Western" therapies such as drugs, research on alternative medicine is still limited.

Why Avoiding Meat for 3 Days Can …

Anyone who's seen the documentary/horror show Supersize Me has considered going vegetarian. Heck, almost everyone with healthy urges has seriously contemplated the meatless life at one time or another. If you've hesitated out of concern for your burger-loving, deprivation-hating body, don't worry, says Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University. "Nothing dramatic is going to happen biochemically."